Kahiltna-Chelatna with Skwentna Option

This tour takes you from Birchwood Airport over the Matanuska Valley and Susitna River to the base of the Kahiltna Glacier. We’ll explore the glacier and swing up gorgeous Chelatna Lake before heading to the famous Skwentna Roadhouse for lunch.

This is where you get the feel for the “real Alaska.” No highways! They’ll pick us up at the airport and drive a mile to the Roadhouse. We’ll spend about 1.5 hrs. relaxing, taking in the fresh Alaskan air and checking out the history of the Roadhouse while they cook up lunch.

Half-Day Tours are all-inclusive with about 2 hrs. of flying and 1.5 hrs. at the Roadhouse. $375 ea.
Tours without the Skwentna stop. $345 ea.
(2 person minimum)

Skwentna is a popular checkpoint early in the Iditirod race.

A home base for a company that offers glacier flight tours near Anchorage, AK
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Lower Kahiltna Glcr
Chelatna Lake