Your Ride

Alaska Bush Charters flies the dependable Cessna 182. It has a long history of reliable service. with "My airplane is the same model of Cessna I flew at my first commercial flying job. The Cessna 182 in the bottom picture was built in 1957 and is still flying today.

My airplane, N9112G, came of the assembly line in
1971. They both have the reliable Continental O-470
engine which produces 230 HP.

Maximum Seating: 3 Pax plus Pilot
Maximum Payload: 800# with 2 hrs. fuel

Maximum Range: 260 miles with max payload, 2 hrs. fuel and no reserves
Cruise Speed: 130 MPH

Alaska Bush Charters LLC
VB 1973 Floatplane
20110426 Positive
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Your Pilot

I began my career in commercial aviation in the Yukon Delta village of Emmonak, Alaska. I have over 3 decades of hands-on flying experience in Alaska as well as additional years flying in the “lower 48.”

Having lived on the Yukon/Kuskokwim delta for over 2 years, I bring those experiences into my Alaskan story to share with visitors to the “Last Frontier.” I’ve had the opportunity to fly a variety airplanes in Alaska for many colorful employers...

Floatplanes, ski-planes, and C-130 cargo planes. I got to fly thousands of hours in gravel equipped Boeing 737’s (my personal favorite) as well as more modern NG 737’s. Now it’s
the time in my life to get less complicated and show Alaska to you. Let’s go Flying!

N660CP 25L TO Cropped

let's go flying!